Global Energy Independence Day
On July 10th, the world unites to celebrate Global Energy Independence Day, a significant occasion that highlights the critical importance of energy independence and underscores the need for diversified and sustainable energy sources.

Global Energy Independence Day serves as a reminder that energy is one of our basic needs. Our ancestors in prehistoric times did not need much energy. The bulk of their energy requirements were for keeping their bodies running. But with the invention of fire, the need to have a source of energy gradually increased. The fuel for the fire was simple, available, and free. But over time, our requirements have increased. Discoveries came over time, and everything needed energy. Hence new forms of fuel were eventually discovered and used. We started using wind energy by the time navigation began. Natural oils were then introduced as the first form of liquid fuel.

As the factories started, the need for fuel that could output a considerable amount of energy became obvious. Out of this need, coal was found and, later, petroleum. Coal was a popular fuel in the medieval era.

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Remember - finding a better fuel source is the only way to have a cleaner world in the future!
Rīt jau pati Pēterdiena!
Līksmo, mana istabiņa,
Jel ar' šo vakariņu;
Tā līksmoja Pērkonīts
Dažu dienu vasarā.

Tomorrow is Peter's Day - Day of Leaves, Thunder or Lightning Day. Some magical beliefs say - no work on this day otherwise Pērkons will get mad.

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Summer Solstice 2023
Ligo is a popular Latvian folk festival celebrated every year on June 23rd and 24th.
It is one of the most important and beloved holidays in Latvia and is accompanied by numerous traditions,
songs, dances, and merriment. This holiday marks the summer solstice and the arrival of the summer season.
Ligo is a time when Latvian culture, traditions, and unity come alive, creating a special atmosphere of joy and celebration.
It is a time for people to gather together to celebrate the beautiful summer season with their loved ones and friends.

The 1100AD team wholeheartedly congratulates all players on the upcoming holiday and wishes that peace, love, and goodness always reign in your families and hearts.

In honor of this holiday, from June 21st to July 13th, you can expect new features, promotions, games, and special offers!

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We announce a holiday lottery among all purchases made during the period from June 20th to July 13th, 23:59.
The main prize on each server will be 1 special pharmacy + a purchase worth 22k and a special Bonus Castle.
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