Toss a coin to the Witcher!
Dear players![br]
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts to the best confectioners of gingerbread houses! In the kingdom, however, it was not at all calm. The witches, feeling the approach of Christmas and New Year, and with it the end of their powers, united, trying to show their power for the last time. To fight them, Witchers were called in from all over the world. However, there are clearly not enough coins to pay for their services. You will have to help collect tribute from independent lands. The king will reward the best collector with valuable prizes. Follow the top.

We also remind you that the issuance of the prize for the Epic collection will take place on December 18th automatically. Until that time, all players have the opportunity to collect it. Hurry up.

And as usual, we are announcing special bonuses for purchases during the week from 16.12 (after restart) to 23.12 inclusive.
So, attention:
for a purchase with a value of 22,000 you will receive Manzanares city + 2 special crystal mines with a bonus of 25.5k,
for a purchase with a value of 11,000 + special crystal mine with a bonus of 25.5k and a special Emerald Castle,
for a purchase with a value of 5100 - a special diamond mine + 2 temples of Kylos and 1 cell of water in the valley of your choice
for a purchase with a value of 3500 - a special diamond mine + 2 abandoned abbeys and 1 cell of water in the valley of your choice
for a purchase with a value of of 2400 - a special diamond mine + 2 dark temples and 1 cage of water in the valley of your choice

A bonus of each denomination can be received 1 time per account. There must be free possession points available.
Epic Fun!
Hurry up to complete the Christmas collection before 16.12, which will bring you not only a worthy prize for battles on the Epic server, but also a very valuable prize in the form of a bonus point on the main one!
Special promotions, and all this week, purchases give locations in the form of a bonus:
Purchase for 2999 - special resource location (free resource point must be available);
Purchase for 5100 - Emerald Castle (must have a free bonus point).
In addition, by buying promos of any value on Epic, you will automatically receive the same value promo offer on the main server the next day!
Hello Winter!
Dear players!
Winter has finally arrived! Along with her arrival, according to tradition, in 1100AD, snow fell, covering the buildings with beautiful snow caps, and the windows with frosty patterns!

On cold winter evenings it is so pleasant to drink tea with family and friends, serving a festive gingerbread as a treat.
We invite you to take part in its baking. The best baker will receive valuable prizes. And of course the filling of the gingerbread will delight novice confectioners.

We are also introducing special promotions for the purchase of promotional packages.
when buying a package with a value of 2400 - you can put 2 Kailasa Temples in the place you want;
when buying a package with a value of 3500 - you can put it in the desired place a Special resource location;
when buying a package with a value of 5100 - you can get the Black Queen's Castle!

All locations are set to the player after writing a ticket to Technical support and the player needs to have free points to own this location.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to please your loved one. When you buy a package for 2400, you, by writing a ticket to technical support, can send a gift in the form of a promo package for 1100 to your friend simply by indicating his nickname in the message. But be careful, technical support carefully checks the recipients.

Let's greet winter together in a circle of loved ones!
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