Game Birthday Celebration 2021
Our 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all the players on the birthday of the game, we want to thank you for being with us all these 13 years!

In honor of your birthday - from July 30 to August 12, new products, games and gifts await you.

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Summer Solstice 2021
The 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all players on the upcoming Holiday and wishes that peace, love and goodness always reign in your families and hearts.
In honor of this holiday - from June 21 to July 8, you will find new products, promotions, games and special offers!

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The Secret of Forgotten Book!
In the library of an abandoned abbey, I found an entertaining little book and did not expect how drastically my life would change. A real black mark of a pirate fell out of the book, which speaks of a very valuable artifact.
Having received the mark, which for some reason strangely burned my hand, I realized that now my life was in danger, and I had no choice but to embark on the dangerous path of searching for the artifact.[br]
The path will be thorny, and many will not reach the final. But the sweeter will be the victory deserved in this adventure.[br]
How to take part in the quest? Everything is very simple - an abandoned abbey is waiting for all adventure seekers. But remember, whoever embarked on a dangerous path will not be able to turn, the shield will not close from the enemy.
The choice is yours![br]
P.S. The rest of the tasks will be published on the forum!. Do not miss them.
The event will last until July 01, when the opportunity to collect a valuable artifact will disappear.
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