Star Trek
Dear players!
During one of the expeditions, we discovered the castle of Walcher of Malvern, the famous astrologer. The castle has preserved the unique equipment of the scientist and a lot of interesting things.
This castle can only be obtained by purchasing a package of gold with a value of 5100 or capturing it!

For the purchase of a package with a value of 3500, a resource location with a snow tiger, a symbol of the coming year, is included as a gift.

For the purchase of a package with a value of 2400 - a resource location with an ice fountain.

Attention! To get the Astrologers Castle, you need to contact technical support and have a free bonus point. To get resource locations, you also need to have resource location possession points and write a ticket as well.

The most belligerent players can prove their mettle by killing Cavalier Boss in some areas. The top 45 most will be awarded by the king (automatic top)!

The reward for killing bosses on the Epic server will come to the main one.
Now Fountain and Sundial could be built 2 in the city.
Christmas Lottery 2021
Dear players!
We are announcing the Christmas lottery again starting from today,
Any purchase made before 02.01. 23:59 participates in the drawing of our prizes. The main prize will be drawn on each server - a bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special emerald castle.

There are also many prizes of various values. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.
But that's not all. A material prize will be drawn between all the participants - the Corsair Harpoon rgb wireless mouse!

Traditionally, the lottery process will be filmed and posted on the YouTube channel. The winner of the main prize will be obliged to shoot the unpacking video and post it on the forum.
Christmas 2021 is around the corner 2021!
One more year is in the past.
It was filled with different events - pleasant and not so. We fought with difficulties, faced adversity, but feeling each other's support we always came out victorious.
Let the coming year continue all our endeavors, and let us become successful, happy and beautiful.

Go boldly to new heights, strive, never give up, win!
Let your life be filled with only joyful moments!

The entire 1100ad team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year, the holidays will last from 22.12.2021 to 13.01.2022!

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