Octoberfest 2019
The annual autumn beer festival begins - Oktoberfest!

In honor of the holiday from 19.09.2018 and until 03.10.2018 new items, competitions, discounts and hot offers are waiting for you![/b]

Collect coins, brew new drinks, play drunken brawl and collect items for Octoberfest feast table!

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Knowledge Day 2019
Every year on September 1, all schools celebrate Knowledge Day! This is a holiday for schoolers (especially first-graders), their parents, teachers, students and, for everyone who teaches and learns. The 1100AD team congratulates all students and their parents on this wonderful and very first fall holiday!

In honor of the holiday of knowledge, today in the 1100AD world begins a holiday with special offers, gifts and games, which will last from August 29 to September 12!

You can collect magic feathers and books of knowledge in all quest locations!

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Upgrade Mercenary Camps!
Dear Players!

On all servers except New Hope, the 16th-18th mercenary location levels appeared;
Epic server - discount for castle levels above 40th level.

Buying promo packages - you get a unique opportunity!
Until 01.09.2019 purchasing promo packages above 5100,
gets you an unique opportunity to replace your city with a competitive one with a bonus of 50,000 mercenary points and 50,000 population points, 2 fountains, 6 artifact storages and all usual bonus from castle levels.

To obtain the city you need to contact technical support.
* 1 player can only get 1 city.
** the number of cities, after the installation of this city, can not exceed 99(4 for Epic, 12 for Hope).
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