May Holidays 2023!
In most European languages, the name of the month of May corresponds to the Hellenic-Greco-Roman tradition, which later adopted
the entire Roman periphery.
In Czech, May is květen, which means “blooming”. In Ukrainian, Belarusian and Old Russian - травень, "herbal".
In Croatian May - svibanj, got its name from the dogwood plant (sviba, Cornus sanguinea), which is covered with white flowers at this time.
In Finnish, the month is called toukokuu, presumably from the words touko - "spring field work" and kuu - "month".
In Lithuanian, the month is called gegužė, from the word gegutė - "cuckoo"

The last month of spring begins to delight with the sun, warm weather and a variety of colors, in honor of this time - from May 2 to May 18,
new items, promotions, games and special offers are waiting for you!

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World Wish Day at 29th of April is approaching and some wishes are about to be granted.

Special bonus for purchases made from 25.-29.04 23:59

Purchase 6300 - will get 4000 as a bonus.
Purchase 4000 - will get [i3000[/i] as a bonus.
Purchase 3000 - will get 1400 as a bonus.
Purchase 1400 - will get 700 as a bonus.

All bonuses are added automatically the next calendar day.

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Easter Lottery!
We are announcing an Easter lottery for purchases,
the drawing will be for 50 prizes and will be held between all servers. Prizes will include the new Chocolate Castle and different various nominals and location types.
The lottery will be active from 05.04-20.04.2022 23:59:59. Planned time of publication of the results - 24.04.
Each purchase gives 1 note with player nick on it for drawing!
May the odds be ever in your favor!
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