Draft building upgrade continues!
Following buildings are limited to 2 and upgraded to give more population, mercenary and powder points:
Monastery of Gelati
English Cathedral
Stave Church
Valkenburg Castle
Upgrade of Lighthouses
Our ship builders asked for lighthouse upgrades - now they limited to 9 and gives more naval, population, mercenary and powder points!
15th Game Anniversary
Absolutely incredible, but this Sunday our game is celebrating its 15th anniversary!
In honor of this event, the best florists brought out special varieties of rose bushes, and the king personally ordered to decorate
all cities with these beauties.

The 1100ad team would like to thank every player for their time, faith and support! We are sincerely glad to be with you for such a long time!

And to please you, we decided to organize an exciting holiday that will begin on July 27 and last until August 10.

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