The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake
Today 1580 Sir Francis Drake finishes The Circumnavigation of the World started at 1577.

He sailed from Plymouth on Dec. 13, 1577. The squadron consisted of five vessels, the two larger ships being the Pelican, Drake's own ship, renamed Golden Hind on the voyage, on August 20, 1578; and the Elizabeth, commanded by John Winter. Three smaller vessels were the Marigold, Swan, and Benedict. Only one ship, the Golden Hind, made the complete voyage, returning on Sept. 26, 1580, "very richly fraught with gold, silver, pearls and precious stones"
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Octoberfest 2022!
Oktoberfest - (October festivities, German Oktoberfest) is a folklore festival held annually in Munich (Germany).
The holiday begins in the second half of September in the Therese Meadow (German: Theresienwiese) in the center of Munich, not far from the Main Train station, and lasts an average of 12-15 days. The period of average dependence of beer tents and income from attractions. Oktoberfest draws every year about 6 million visitors who come to Munich from all parts of Bavaria and Germany, as well as from other countries.
Oktoberfest is implemented and hosted by the administration of Munich. In addition, there are brewing companies in the area that brew for him a special Oktoberfest beer (German: Oktoberfestbier) with an alcohol content of 5.8-6.3%, which at other times of the year is usually called March or Viennese.

In honor of the holiday from 20.09.2022 to 06.10.2022 new artifacts, contests, discounts and hot offers are waiting for you!

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Knowledge Day 2022
The day that many children do not wait, but really wait for their parents, September 1 has come!

The 1100AD team congratulates all students and their parents on this wonderful and first autumn holiday!
We wish you freedom of desire to learn. Lightness in the new academic year, friendly atmosphere and interesting events!
In honor of the holiday of knowledge, today the 1100AD world begins a holiday vacation with special offers, gifts and games, which will continue from 31.08-15.09

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