Easter 2024
Easter is one of the oldest and most important holidays in the Christian calendar, celebrated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Its traditions and customs vary in different countries, but everywhere there is a sense of joy and festivity.

The 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all players on the upcoming Easter holidays and wishes peace, joy, and the fulfillment of all dreams and plans.
In honor of this holiday - starting from March 25th until April 11th, you can expect novelties, promotions, games, and special offers!

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St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold
Mentions of St. Patrick’s Day gold coins and leprechauns are closely tied together, and this is true even when we look back in time long past. The imagery of leprechaun gold coins, which are hidden by the mischievous creatures at the end of rainbows, actually finds its beginnings with the Vikings! The seafaring warriors invaded Ireland and hid gold all over the island in places so secret that most of their caches, to this day, haven’t been found.

In honor of this folklore we carry out St. Patrick's Day celebration with special bonus offers valid from 14.03 until 17.03 at 23:59 server time:

- buy 700 and get 700,200
- buy 1400 and get 700,1400
- buy 3000 and get 1400,700,200
- buy 4000 and get 3000,1400,700
- buy 6300 and get 4000,3000,1400
- buy 7500 or higher and get 6300,4000,3000,1400

NB! Locations belong only to the initially purchased offer. To receive locations, please contact technical support with a detailed list of locations.
Remember that there should be free points for locations.
Bonuses will be issued on the next calendar day after the purchase.
St.Patrick Day 2024
Saint Patrick's Day, celebrated annually on March 17th, is one of the most well-known Irish holidays dedicated to Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
This day not only marks the Christian holiday associated with Saint Patrick's death but has also become a symbol of Irish culture and national unity.

In many countries around the world, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated with grand parades, public celebrations,
and cultural events featuring traditional Irish dances, music, and culinary delights. Symbols of this holiday,
such as green clothing, shamrocks, and images of Saint Patrick, have become particularly popular.

Throughout the festive weeks from March 7th to March 21st, various discounts, promotions, hot deals, and holiday changes will be available in the game!

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