Summer is in full swing!
Dear players!
The 1100ad team is constantly working on improvements to the game for your convenience. This time we have improved the festive table interface. Now you can immediately see the number of collected artifacts in the castle treasury, which allows you to immediately understand which parts of the table are missing.

Other news:
1. A new hero skill has appeared in the game - Firearms, which will improve the possession parameters of Gunpowder units. You can find these skills in the daily lottery and in Kailos. You can also find some improved artifacts in the lottery.
2. The skill tree has received new levels and new temporary units.
3. The limit for the construction of Jewelery workshops has been increased.
4. Special offers of the week:
When buying an offer worth 5100 or more - choose your bonus yourself: Manzanares castle with a 550k bonus or a special lottery location or a special Goldenrod castle bonus location or 3 special diamond mines. Write a message to technical support indicating the bonus and coordinates, however, you should remember that you need free location points to receive the bonus.

from July 7 to July 10 buying an offer for 2400 you will receive a package for 3500 as a gift at the next day.

Have a nice game!
Summer Solstice 2022
[i]Ligo, or Summer solstice day (in Latvian Jāņi) falls on the shortest night of the year – Summer solstice night.

The 1100AD team wholeheartedly congratulates all the players on the upcoming Holiday and we wish that peace, love and kindness always reign in your families and hearts.

In honor of this holiday - from June 20 to July 14, new items, promotions, games and attractive offers are waiting for you!

We announce a holiday lottery among all purchases made in the period from 20.06. to 14.07 23:59
The main prize on each server will be 1 bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special Bonus location.

There are also many prizes of different value. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.
But that's not all. A material prize will be drawn between all participants - Razer Basilisk V2 gaming mouse, RENEW

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Special Offer!
Only a few days left until the summer solstice and in honor of this event a special offer
- the first 50 players who will buy the offer for 1100 gold will receive a special diamond mine.
The support service will automatically add the mine, but if you need to transfer it, contact technical support.
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