Chamomile Divination Day!
May 29 is the Day of fortune-telling on daisies. On this day, it is customary to perform various fortune-telling with the participation of such a flower as chamomile.
Chamomile has been considered a kind of magical flower since ancient times and was used in medicine in ancient Rome,
from which the name came - "romana", which means "Roman". Chamomile in ancient Egypt was personified with the god of the sun.

“Loves - Does not love” - divination on a camomile, which has been for many centuries. Thus, the girls guessed at their betrothed.
Questions in this fortune-telling can be asked any, for example: “loves - does not love” or “yes - no”,
it is also possible for a wish “will come true - will not come true”.

In honor of this day, gardeners erected a peacock from flowers! The winner of the Explorer top will be able to raise the level of this building every week.
Also, the city can be decorated with flower sculptures in the form of butterflies. And until 31.05 23:59 ALL purchases on the next calendar day will receive a bonus of the same denomination.

On Friday, May 26, all the winners of the May holidays will be awarded, and it will be possible to compete for the title of the most beautiful city with butterfly sculptures!

1. Bonus points limit 41
2. Resource points limit 117
3. Increased vassalageK limit
4. The skill tree has new levels
Ascension of Jesus Christ!
The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the Christian tradition on Thursday, the 40th day after Easter (the Resurrection of Christ).
It is observed in various countries around the world and usually falls on different dates in May or June each year.
In some countries, including certain regions of the United States, the Ascension may be celebrated on the Sunday following Thursday to facilitate the participation of believers in the festive worship services.

In honor of the holiday, we announce special locations as bonuses for purchase - Silver Castle 2g and Lottery 1g.

To obtain the locations, please contact our technical support, and don't forget that you need to have a free location point.
Mother's Day!
Honoring a woman-mother has a long history.
Mother's Day comes from the ancient Greek cult of the mother.

In some countries, there is a tradition to wear a carnation flower on clothes on this day.
Moreover, color matters, so a colored carnation says that a person’s mother is alive, and white flowers are pinned to clothes in memory of mothers in heaven.

We also congratulate all mothers, including future ones, on this holiday!
In honor of this holiday, we decided to hold a special promotion, all purchases from 1400 and above in the next
calendar day will receive a bonus with higher value, for example, 1400 will receive 3000 bonus.

NB! Locations for purchases rely only on the purchased value. To get it, please contact tech support,
do not forget that you need to have free location points available.

The promotion is valid from 11.05 to 15.05 23:59
1    6 7 8 9 10 11 12    200