Christmas 2023
Christmas, celebrated in various countries around the world, marks a special moment in the culture and traditions of many nations. This holiday is filled with a variety of customs and beliefs, bringing people together in a joyful and warm atmosphere.

The entire 1100ad team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year, the holidays will last from 21.12.2023 to 11.01.2024!

There will also be a Christmas lottery for purchases, with a drawing of 50 prizes among all servers. The lottery will be active from 21.12 to 31.12.2023 23:59:59. The planned publication time for the results is 08.01. Re-entering your nickname will increase your chances of winning.

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Festival of Lights!
Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish religious and national holiday.
It typically lasts for eight days and begins at the end of November or in December according to the Gregorian calendar.
The holiday is celebrated with family and friends in anticipation of the winter festivities.
The main symbol of the holiday is the menorah, also known as the Hanukkiah. Each evening for eight days, a candle is lit,
starting with the central one called the shamash. This ritual symbolizes the miracle of the oil when a small amount of oil in the sacred temple kept the menorah burning for eight days instead of one.
Hanukkah is also accompanied by traditional dishes such as latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (doughnuts), as well as the exchange of gifts.
The holiday serves as a reminder of survival, freedom, and the light in darkness.

In honor of this festival, the bonus points limit has been increased to 14, and special bonus offers are valid until 11.12 at 23:59 server time:
- buy 1400 and get 700,1400
- buy 3000 and get 4000,1400
- buy 4000 and get 6300,3000
- buy 6300 and get 7500,4000

NB! Locations belong only to the initially purchased offer. To receive locations, please contact technical support with a detailed list of locations.
Remember that there should be free points for locations.
Bonuses will be issued on the next calendar day after the purchase.
Thanksgiving Day!
Thanksgiving Day is a traditional American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
The first Thanksgiving was observed by the Pilgrims and their Native American allies in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, symbolizing gratitude for the harvest and mutual assistance.

Today, Thanksgiving is a time for family time and feasts, featuring traditional dishes such as turkey,
pumpkin pie, and other treats. People also express gratitude for the good things in their lives and spend time with family and loved ones.

The 1100AD team wishes you a pleasant end of the week and encourages you to spend more time with your family and loved ones!

1. The collection on the Epic server has been extended until December 2nd.
2. The bonus point limit has been increased to 13, and the mercenary point limit is now 255.
3. Starting from November 30th on the Meliora server, only the Mercenary Castle unit hire will remain in the diamond shop.

Special location offer valid till 30.11:

3000 - Pharmacy mine (500 kk)+ Loteria mine(500 kk)

4000 - Loteria mine(1,0 G)+ Amber Castle(1,5 G)

6300 - Silver Castle(1,5 G)+ Sylvan Castle(2,0 G)

7500 - Sylvan Castle(2,0 G)+Special Manzanares (1,5 G)

12500 - Sylvan Castle(2,0 G) - Special Manzanares (2,0 G)

25000- Sylvan Castle(2,0 G)+Silver Castle (2,0 G)+Special Manzanares (2,0 G)

Also several offers with specific banners - check when purchase.

NB! To receive locations - pleasew rite to support - what locations, where to set them and should have free points.
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