Last days of summer!
Autumn is almost here and very soon we will have a new school year!
Our blacksmiths approve of the desire for knowledge and decided to honor the memory of the classic of medieval military art Frederick I Barbarossa!
In his honor, they forged a new axe and improved superior breastplate.

As you know, Frederick was the son of Frederick II the One-Eyed, Duke of Swabia, and Judith of Bavaria, half-brother of Conrad, Count Palatine of the Rhine; was the nephew of King Conrad III of Germany. In 1147, after the death of his father, he became Duke of Swabia. Soon he took part in the Second Crusade, during which, thanks to his courage and valor, he won universal respect. Frederick Barbarossa created a large European army for his time, the main force of which was the heavy knightly cavalry, and improved its organization. Returning to Germany, the sick king (his uncle) recommended that the princes choose Frederick as their successor. He died on February 15, 1152, and already on March 4, Frederick took the empty throne.

This week's special promo:
Diamond Mine for buying 1100 promo,
Astro Castle for the purchase of 2400,
Special lottery mine for 3500,
Baba Yaga's House for 5100,
Lilac Castle for a purchase of 11000 and
Exclusive city of Manzanares for 22000.

1. Ox Statue, Clan Castle and Magdeburg have received additional levels
2. Added assortment in the diamond shop
3. Fixed the problem of accepting resources
4. A limit on the allowable number of bonus points has been introduced - 30
Royal Observatory!
1675 10. august King Charles II and John Flamsteed lay the foundation stone of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London

In connection with this historical important event, we offer a bonus locations -
Astro Castle for the purchase of 2400,

Special Lottery Mine for 3500,

Baba Yaga's House for 5100 and

the Lilac Castle for a purchase of 11000.

But that's not all - until 12.08 23:59, a purchase with a value of 1100 will receive a diamond mine as a bonus!

P.S. Attention! To get bonus locations, you need to contact technical support and have a free bonus/resource point.
Competition Time!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
The street already smells of autumn - the last month of summer, August, has come into its own. For some, a month of trouble - before school / study, for someone, a month of long-awaited rest. So the 1100ad team offers a small relax. To do this, we have prepared some interesting competitions!

Drunken brawl - a well-known competition where heroes fight against each other in the drunken frenzy of the tavern. Total limit of 500,000 attack and defense points for hero.

For those who were not allowed to rest in the summer by the malicious boss, we offer a competition to kill the mad boss. You can find him in many locations - the main sign is that he is very angry and incredibly infuriates you. Also, he hides a valuable cake! Take revenge and get valuable prizes. We promise not to inform your job about the results of the competition.

For those who like to collect - a contest for collecting artifacts. Attention - there is a cross-server prize in this contest. The top 20 will receive an amber bonus location with a point of owning it.

August is also the time of planting for the future - and we also decided to plant Amber apple tree. Apples for her planting and growth can be obtained by completing the quest. Although it is possible to find them in various locations, as well as in the pockets of a mad boss.

Servers Romanica and Otton, in addition to the Amber Apple Tree, can find a new set of Legendary Amber equipment. Sparkle and win! In a word - go for it, good luck to you.

Amber in August begins to appear everywhere, the breath of autumn and the influence of its colors are felt. The winter residence is also preparing for the new season. To do this, she will need an amber chest.

Lottery in the festive tree will allow you to plant a copper tree of life.

1. Amount limit increased for several festive buildings
1    5 6 7 8 9 10 11    190