Bug Fix
Festive building fix
Dear players!
We have identified a significant bug - some unique buildings increased the bonus of Mercenary and population points according to the work principle of the fountains. That means each next building increased the bonus by 10%. This algorithm was applied to buildings: pumpkin statues, rose arches, fountains (ice and emerald) and other festive buildings.
Now you may encounter a recalculation of population and mercenary points. Please be understanding.
Happy Men's Day!
International Men's Day was first mentioned in the 1960s, when there were reports that "many people are calling for International Men's Day to be celebrated on February 23, by analogy with International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8." In the early 1990s, organizations in the United States held a small event in February at the initiative of Professor Thomas Oaster, who directed the Center for Men's Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas. Oaster contributed to the success of the holiday in 1994, but already in 1995 his attempts were unsuccessful, and he abandoned plans for the celebration in subsequent years. When Australia abandoned the celebration of February 23, the only country where the holiday was celebrated was Malta, which, with the support of the Malta Association for Men's Rights, celebrated it annually in February.
The idea of celebrating International Men's Day received support from the UN, UNESCO and other countries.

On this Men's day, we wish success and luck to prevail in all areas of life. So that male power, strength and zeal are always companions in life. Let the heights of any achievement be kept at the right level, and inexhaustible energy help to cope with any difficulties and failures! Never lose heart, remember that you are our protection and support!

In honor of the holiday, we offer a special promotion until 24.02 13:59 - buying offers of any value, you will automatically receive a set of permanent artifacts of the Knight of the Rose as a bonus and a promo package of the same value the next day![b]
Valentine 2022
Dear knights and ladies!
The most tender holiday of the year is approaching - Valentines Day!
This most romantic holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world. Its history goes back more than one and a half thousand years.

In honor of the holiday from 13.02.2022 to 24.10.2022 new items, contests, discounts and hot offers are waiting for you!

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We announce a festive lottery among all purchases made in the period from 10.02. to 24.02 23:59

The main prize on each server will be 1 bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special emerald lock.

There are also many prizes of different values. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.
But that is not all. A material prize will be drawn between all participants - a Razer Kraken gaming headset.
Traditionally, the drawing process will be filmed and posted on the YouTube channel.
The grand prize winner will be required to film an unboxing video and post it on the forum.[b]
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