Saint Martin's Day
Saint Martin Day or Martinmas, sometimes historically called Old Halloween or Old Hallowmas Eve, is the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours and is celebrated in the liturgical year on 11 November.
In the Middle Ages and early modern period, it was an important festival in many parts of Europe, particularly Germanic-speaking regions. In these regions, it marked the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter and the "winter revelling season".
Traditions include feasting on "Martinmas goose" or "Martinmas beef", drinking the first wine of the season, and mumming. In some German and Dutch-speaking towns, there are processions of children with lanterns (Laternelaufen), sometimes led by a horseman representing St Martin. The saint was also said to bestow gifts on children. In the Rhineland, it is also marked by lighting bonfires.

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Halloween 2023
Halloween is a fun and festive day that is celebrated on October 31st.
This American holiday is inspired by ancient Celtic customs and mixed with Christian and American traditions.
On this day, people usually wear costumes, have parties, distribute sweets, and decorate their homes with pumpkins with carved faces.
called "Jack Lampert". Halloween is a time of fun, mysticism and sweets.

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