Carolingian Dynasty Set!
We present you the new, high-quality weapons and armor of the Royal Dynasty of the Carolingians.

The Carolingians were the pre-eminent military power in the Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. The military might of the Carolingians was based on the fact that their soldiers were very well-armed and carried high-quality weapons and armour.

1) New Top "Gem Collector" has been opened. By the end of which, Top 10 players will receive valuable prizes.
2) Even stronger, even more powerful! Now the hero's attack and life can be increased up to 9000.
3) In servers: KORYO, MIDGARD, LIVONIAN, GOLDRUSH, NANBAN and ISLAGRANDE campaign limit is increased up to 350к.
4) Now the castle can be upgraded up to level 27. And soon, the level of rare buildings can also be increased. Moreover, the maximum level of the dock in such city will be 10.
Best Don Juan
Hot weather means it's time to pamper beautiful ladies! Collect pendants in temporary locations and become best on the server!
Revolution of the Mercenary Camps!
The festive mini-games are over, everyone ate from the festive table, old coins jingle in your pockets and we are all full with sweet cakes.
And only the 1100AD team is still working to improve our game.

For servers Bohemia, Holy Grail and Beta, and later on for Aragon, a new, multi-level location, era begins! Now in these servers all mercenary locations will have 11 levels. All locations, 10 of the same type, will be automatically combined and you will get one location with the 10th level. Those locations in which there is a tunnel will remain in place.
For example:
The player has 46 Teutonic locations, one of which has a tunnel. After the conversion, the player will receive 4 locations with 10th level, 1 location with 6th level, which will stand in the location with a tunnel.
This optimization will greatly facilitate the loading of the map.

If you will have any problems with the updates, do not hesitate to contact technical support. The first server to be changed is the brave Bohemia.
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