St. Valentine Day 2023
Dear players of the world 1100ad!
A romantic holiday is approaching - Valentine's Day!

Those who celebrate this holiday give gifts, flowers, sweets, toys, balloons and beautiful cards (often in the shape of a heart) with poems, love confessions or wishes of love - valentines.

The 1100AD team congratulates you on this holiday and wish you life full of love and happiness!
We are also starting the special holidays, which will last from 09.02-23.02

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National Chocolate Cake Day
The scholars reminded the king that National Chocolate Cake Day on 27.01 is approaching.
In honor of the holiday, chocolate cakes are baked everywhere and the levels of the castle are improved. However, the evil Krampus, anticipating the time to leave, stole the cakes.
The king announced special prizes for those who will kill the most Krampus before 11.02.

Also, in honor of the holiday, a special chocolate Lottery is announced in which all purchases participate from 26-31.01 23:59,
5 special Manzanares cities 130lvl + promo with Rhodes castle will be played on each server. All participants will also receive a participation prize.
Hello January!
Winter is in full swing and snowflakes continue to swirl for another week. While everyone was resting, the masters worked hard and created a masterpiece - Silver Castle.
To improve it, you need a Silver Iris, look for it in locations.

- The maximum number of bonus points is 36.
- Increased personal vassalage limit.
- All gold and diamond chests are now in the VIII section of artifacts.
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