Changes in mercenary points distribution system
In order to balance mercenary points distribution following changes will be applied:

1) Number of mercenary points that can be received from mercenary camps will be doubled starting from September 07,2010

2) Total number of mercenary points that can be received from diplomacy contracts will be limited starting from September 15, 2010.

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Special offer - 50% discount for all subscription types!
In order to celebrate participation of 1100AD in exciting international exhibition "Gamescom" in Cologne, prices for all subscription types are reduced by 50% for the following 2 weeks (till September 3, 2010).
Eastablish your own territory + Bonus price
Finally mighty warriors can not only explore and conquer remote valleys, but also establish their own territories. Owners of the surrounded territories can bring cities of their allies and vassals inside the protected area to increase power and influence. To help the great relocation, costs of city transfers were decreased from 300 gold to 50 gold per one valley. Special price will be available for you and your friends starting from August 16 till August 31.
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