New server Bohemia
Courageous warriors, who returned home from the campaign to holy lands, told stories about free lands in the center of Europe.
They inspired others to search and discover the misterious kingdom, even though it was located far from trade roots and surrounded by rocky hills.
Castles are being built, local inhabitants are rebelling ... the fight for the Bohemian crown started!
Are you ready for challenge and fight, are you looking for glory and conquest?
Ordeņu bruņiniekiem tagad pieejami vasaļi.
Pēdējā spēles versijā(build #742) Ordeņu biedriem pieejami vasaļi. Vairāk informācijas are here.
Now supporting internet-banking in UK
We are announcing starting of a partnership with FasterPay (Internet-bank payments in UK). More details are available here.
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