Update 3_1. Unit Denomination!
Dear players!
We are happy to announce game version 3.0 with several big changes:
1. Almost all the characteristics of soldiers will be increased by several times, as well as the fighting characteristics and cost of hiring. That will reduce the number of soldiers in the armies of the player. All existing armies and units in kingdom events will be replaced with new units - 7 old units to 1 new unit.
Player had 700 swordsman, 490 archers and 2100 battle mastiffs, after restart army would consist of 100 swordsman, 70 archers and 300 battle mastiffs.
2. Limit for campaigns to 1 destination introduced for units:
battle_mastiff = 6000
white_bear = 3000
barbarian = 10000
varangian = 4000
heavyroyalguard = 4000
It means 1 player could send to 1 location not more than this amount of units
3. Heroes after death could be resurrected only after 8h of refreshing sleep (regardless - free or with experience saving)

N.B. Today changes would be active in Midgard, another servers (except Nanban) - later.
Black Friday Sale!
Friday? Bring it on! Don't miss the hottest discounts of the year!
Lots of tastiest offers only here and only throughout the weekend! Make haste because the offer stands only until Monday!
Halloween 2016 is here!
In the end of October we celebrate this jolly (and creepy) festival - Halloween of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, falling leaves and trick-or-treats. Join us in festive activities we prepared for you!
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New Server - Nanban!
The XVII century marked the beginning of trade conflict between Spain and Japan. Stand with Kamakura shogunate of choose the side of Spain in the emerging conflict of interests. Take advantage of new artifacts and reworked unit stats to expand your reach on the territories and dominate the enemies! And keep in mind: there are no contours on this server!
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FB Contest "Treasure Hunter"!
Contest "Treasure Hunter"!
Find huge sapphire in any of quest locations (except hidden treasures) give log in FB comment till 10.10 23:59 and receive guaranteed prize 2000 gold, resources and set of artifacts!
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FB Exploring Contest!
Special week long contest (26.09-02.10) - win 5 daily location exploring contests and receive prize - 2000 gold, resources and artifact set!

Tomorrow, 17th of September will be a starting day for a holiday that is renown all over the world – the Oktoberfest! Vivid photos, video and thrilling stories about the fest fill the news feeds each year. To celebrate the upcoming holiday we are launching unique offers throughout the whole week!

New 50 lvl hero with lvl 6 skills is waiting for you in the shop. New hero can also be won as a prize in “tavern brawl” mini-game!


You can now participate in a “tavern brawl” mini-game in your local tavern. Top-10 best players will be royally rewarded! Prize list can be viewed in statistics. Best Orders participating in the game will also be rewarded and all their knights will receive prizes! More prizes – more fun!

Happy Oktoberfest!
Knowledge Day!
1100AD Team congratulates everyone with the best of the Autumn holidays – Knowledge Day!
- special tree - an Oak;
- holiday houses and ancient coins;
- prizes and contests;
- promo offers and discount!

All this you can find in our game! Additional info at forum
Update 2_92. Long live to King!
For centuries the person who sits on the throne and rule the land decide the fate of their subjects ! In the world of 1100AD now it also became possible ! Now kings can download special skills that affect both themselves and to the whole nation ! However, this update will be available on Outremer and Koryo servers.
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P.S. beware of updated mobs at permanent adventure huts!
Battle Server finished!
Thank all for participation!
All players got prizes. List of winners
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